Publishing Opportunity: New Open-Access Special Collections Journal

A new open-access journal has been launched by two librarians at University at Buffalo. They are really looking to hear from practitioners (including students!) about their day-to-day challenges in special collections in all kinds of institutions. This would be a great opportunity for VREPS members.

Here is the announcement:

The Reading Room: A Journal of Special Collections is now accepting manuscript submissions for its inaugural issue, volume 1(1). The submission deadline for manuscripts for the first issue is March 15th, 2015.

The Reading Room is an open-access, scholarly journal committed to providing current research and relevant discussion of practices in a special collections library setting. The Reading Room seeks submissions from practitioners and students involved with special collections in museums, historical societies, corporate environments, galleries, public libraries, and academic libraries.  We are particularly interested in Narrative Feature articles.  Full submission policies and information for authors, including student scholarship, can be viewed at

The journal features single-blind, peer-reviewed research articles and case studies related to all aspects of current special collections work.

The editors strongly encourage queries from authors regarding potential articles for The Reading Room. Please email before submitting your manuscript.

For more information, please visit the journal’s website:


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