VRAF Seeking Workshop and Publicity Liaisons

Interested in getting involved with the Visual Resources Association Foundation? Look no further! Apply to the Junior Workshop Liaison or Publicity Chair!

The Visual Resources Association Foundation Regional Workshop Implementation Team works collaboratively to host workshops each year, report on each, and seek grant funding for the coming year. This workshop series reflects the VRAF mission to promote scholarship, research, education, and outreach in the fields of visual resources and image management and is generously sponsored by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

Now in its second year, the VRAF Regional Workshop Implementation Team seeks new members for the positions of Junior Workshop Liaison and Publicity Liaison. Joining the VRAF Regional Workshop Implementation Team offers career development over the course of three years, as you progress through the Workshop Liaison positions to Workshop Coordinator. Perfect for developing your skill set–including project management, communication, educational programming, and grant writing–and networking with visual resources professionals. The Publicity Liaison position is for one year, with an option to renew for a second. You’ll help us develop messaging and market each workshop to the fullest via listserv, email, and social media.

For full position descriptions, please see the VRAF website. Please send resume or CV to the VRAF Regional Workshop Implementation Team, vraf.rwit@gmail.com, by July 10, 2019.

VRAF Regional Workshop Implementation Team

The VRAF Regional Workshop Implementation Team works collaboratively to host workshops each year, report on each, and seek grant funding for the coming year. The Workshop Coordinator and Workshop Liaisons will serve for three years (see exception, outlined below), with the Senior Workshop Liaison moving up to take the Workshop Coordinator position, the Junior Workshop Liaison moving up to take the Senior Workshop Liaison, and the Workshop Coordinator cycling off the team. All other positions will serve two-year terms.  


  • Workshop Coordinator: Sonya Coleman
  • Sr. Workshop Liaison: Meghan Rubenstein
  • Jr. Workshop Liaison: open
  • Publicity Liaison: open

Advisory Board (4 people): Marsha Taichman, Chris Strasbaugh, Maureen Burns, +1 TBD and the VRAF Liaison: Beth Haas


Workshop Coordinator
Takes overall responsibility for the VRAF Regional Workshop Project Implementation Team, including oversight of the work of the workshop liaisons, and other team members. Manages host site selection process, curriculum development, and instructor recruitment. Takes lead on reporting to granting organizations and grant applications (such as the Kress grant).  

Workshop Liaisons (Senior + Junior) – Junior Position OPEN!
Responsible for developing and implementing the workshop timeline, including managing registration in conjunction with the VRAF Treasurer; working with local hosts to facilitate classroom arrangements and catering; communicating with the instructor regarding curriculum, travel + accommodations, and reimbursement procedures; facilitating post-workshop evaluation.

Publicity Liaison – OPEN!
Responsible taking the lead on all publicity for the workshops, including with workshop liaisons and local hosts to develop messaging, a website presence, and a robust publicity distribution plan. Works with local hosts to determine what role they will play in enacting the publicity plan, with ultimate responsibility for seeing through its implementation.  

VRAF Liaison
Responsible for communications between the VRAF Regional Workshop Implementation Team and the VRAF Board. Participates in Implementation Team meetings as necessary or advisable. In the event of the resignation of the Workshop Coordinator, the VRAF Liaison will take the lead on managing the Implementation Team until a suitable replacement is found.  

Advisory Board Member
Based on their experience, offer support and advice to the Implementation Team to help develop the workshop roster, identify educational needs in the field, and select appropriate instructors.

Please contact the Regional Workshop Implementation Team at vraf.rwit@gmail.com. To inquire about an open position, send resume or CV and letter of interest.

In addition to the 4 regional workshops, VRAF be piloting webinars next year. To learn more about VRAF Regional Workshops click here.

VRAF Regional Workshop

The Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF) is pleased to announce registration is now live for “Something Mappy This Way Comes: An Introduction to Digital Mapping Technologies” hosted at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville on January 25, 2019.

Neon Geometric Art Conference ProgramThis workshop will be a crash course in Digital Humanities mapping and related technologies. Examples of digital platforms will be given, with a discussion of strengths, weaknesses, and budgets. Participants will learn about current DH mapping projects from the University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab and do a deep dive into what makes them successful and cutting edge. Discussions of data workflows and best practices will set the stage for learning about digital storytelling. Lastly, you will work with primary source data sets to create a digital mapping project that allows users to explore historical information with 21st-century mapping technology.

The workshop will be taught by Justin Madron, the Digital Scholarship Lab’s GIS Project Manager & Analyst at the University of Richmond (VA). He is in charge of GIS related tasks and technologies required for the production and maintenance of American Panorama, a digital atlas of American history project. He has a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University and a Master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Environmental Studies with a focus on Geographical Information Systems and Technologies. His graduate research was on the historical and present reforestation of red spruce in the Appalachian Mountains.

To register or read the full workshop description, visit here. The workshop fee is $125. If you have questions about registration, contact Beth Haas, VRAF Director, bwodnick[AT]princeton.edu. For questions about the venue, contact Lori Birrell, Head of Special Collections, lbirrell[AT]uark.edu. Please register by January 18, 2019.

The VRAF is grateful to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation for their continued support of this exciting opportunity to partner with cultural heritage and educational institutions.