2019 SEI Instructors: Julie Rudder

We’re thrilled to introduce the amazing instructors for this year’s Summer Educational Institute! We’ll be highlighting one instructor from the 2019 curriculum each week, so be sure to stay tuned!

We’re happy to introduce Julie Rudder!

Julie Rudder is the Repository Program Librarian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries. In this role, Julie oversees the repository program which includes the service, content, and systems that support the preservation and access institutional repository collections and digital collections. Prior to this position she was the Digital Initiatives Project Manager at Northwestern University Library where she managed major technical development projects for the library’s repository system. In this role she served as Product Owner for the Avalon Media System, a collaborative project between Northwestern University Library and Indiana University Libraries.


  • DAMs and Digital Repositories: What is a repository and why do I need one?
    • This session will help to demystify concepts related to digital repositories and content stewardship such as digital asset management, DAMS, digital curation, data curation, digital preservation, and more. We’ll consider how and why service, infrastructure, and content management are the foundation of repository management. We’ll also talk about the types of staffing and support that repositories need.
  • DAMs and Digital Repositories Practicum: What kind of repository do I need and what services will we offer?
    • In this session we will work from personal or supplied use cases and scenarios in order to design a repository service and implementation approach. We will cover popular proprietary and open source systems and consider the pros and cons of different systems (e.g. ContentDM, Samvera/Hyku, Bepress, SharedShelf, Omeka, Preservica, and Archivematica). We will also introduce the Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) and its use in current repositories.

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