VRA Conference Guide + Tips

Headed to Los Angeles for #VRA2019? Below is your guide to before, during and after the VRA conference. We’ve also included some conference tips!

Before the Conference:

  • Register and don’t forget to add any tours or workshops to your schedule! Taking a Tour is a great way to get out of the hotel & meet other members while sightseeing! Attending any of the VRA Workshops will give you the opportunity to learn and discuss innovative topics, sometimes with a hands-on or interactive experience.
  • Pair up with a VRA Conference Mentor! Conference mentors will contact you ahead of the conference and make arrangements to meet you for coffee or lunch, etc. on the first or second day of the conference. Mentors will share tips for enhancing your conference experience and introduce you to other members to help you build your own network within VRA.
  • Download the Sched App on your smartphone or device to download the conference schedule. If you’d like to print your sched, click on the Print icon.
  • *Tip* Don’t forget to pack a sweater – conference rooms tend to be chilly; a refillable water bottle; an external charger for your phone – it’s no fun to sit by a wall or search for an outlet to charge your phone!

During the Conference:

  • *Tip* Remember to drink plenty of water and bring snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day and tie you over between meals. There will be coffee breaks and water will also be provided during the conference.
  • Meetup Lunch for New Members, 1st/2nd Time Attendees, VREPS, Mentors/Mentees, and Reviewers/Reviewees – If you haven’t received an RSVP please reach out to VREPS Co-Chair, Kendra Werst, knw2[AT]williams.edu
  • *Tip* Don’t be shy! Remember that some people are potentially out of their comfort zone and would welcome you joining their conversation or saying hi.
  • *Tip* Remember that you are a human and you need breaks! Conferences can be overwhelming with all the information and people so make time for decompressing! Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or night. Also, make sure you go outside for fresh air once and a while.

After the Conference:

  • Follow up with new contacts via LinkedIn, Email, or even Twitter to grow your personal network. Reach out and say “Hey, it was great meeting you at VRA2019!” Check out the VRA’s Membership Directory.
  • While all those great ideas and experiences are fresh in your mind, transcribe any notes you took and reflect on your time at the conference. Most conference presentation slides will be posted to VRA’s Slide Share afterward.
  • Stay involved! Whether it’s joining VREPS on Slack, volunteering at the next annual conference, following up with your Mentor or joining a VRA committee! *Don’t forget to complete the post-conference survey provided by the VRA.

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