Get published in the VRA Bulletin

Hey all – just a reminder that you can publish in the VRA Bulletin! The deadline for submission for the summer issue is June 30, and if you give a presentation (say, at the ArLiSNAP/VREPS 2016 Virtual Conference), you can easily transform that into an article. Submission details and guidelines below:

The VRA Bulletin provides a professional forum for the discussion and dissemination of ideas and information directly related the the field of visual resources. We accept feature length articles (usually about 5,000 words); reviews on books, tools, resources (c. 1,000 words); opinion pieces (c. 3,000 words); and association news. The length doesn’t matter since it is online and we encourage authors to take full advantage of being online by adding images, links, etc. The only thing to consider is download time if the file gets too big. I suggest looking at past issue articles to get a feel for it.

The home page is at where the most recent issue can be found and potential authors can submit articles to the online system from there.

Authors should also review the submission guidelines at for more guidance about fonts, spacing, formatting etc.

The editors are always happy to help in any way:
Maureen Burns, Content Editor, (310-489-3792)

Hannah Marshall, Production Editor,


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