THATCamp Seattle

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Registration deadline extended!

Those planning on attending the ARLIS/NA + VRA 2016 conference  in Seattle may wish to consider arriving a day earlier to also participate in THATCamp. An unconference event for those interested in arts and technology, THATCamp stands for The Humanities and Technology Camp, and it will be held on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm at The Westin Seattle.

This pre-conference event to the third annual joint conference of ARLIS/NA (Art Libraries Society of North America) and VRA (Visual Resources Association) will bring together members of the professional and public communities to learn about digital humanities (DH) and share knowledge of tools, applications, and other DH projects.

Who should come?:

The organizers of the THATCamp include an enthusiastic working group of members from both ARLIS/NA and VRA, but this event is open to the public and non-ARLIS/NA and VRA members are encouraged to attend!

How to register?:

Attendance is limited to 75 participants to ensure a lively and engaged atmosphere. Apply now to let us know why you want to attend and what ideas you want to share. Registration is free and open until December 1st. Register here.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent out early in 2016 with plenty of time for attendees to propose sessions and discuss interests prior to March 8th.

What to expect and other information:

The unconference format allows for a variety of crowdsourced sessions and topics, and the schedule of the event is not decided until after the accepted attendees propose sessions (here) leading up to the event. As a group, we will vote on the content the morning of March 8th. Those who propose events are expected to instruct and moderate the self-proposed sessions if they are voted into the schedule.

With a maximum of 75 participants, the THATCamp will be intimate, informal, and executed by the attendees themselves. We hope that sessions will create dialog about DH and cultural heritage, as well as demonstrations and showcases of current DH tools and projects from the attendees.

We hope to have some other fun things planned that day so stay tuned by checking the blog and following #arlisnavra2016 and #thatcamp.

For more information about THATCamps, visit the About page and the THATCamp 101 page.


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