Job Posting: Photo Archivist, LAC Group, Burbank CA

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Job Title: Photo Archivist (Burbank)
Clearance Type:  
LAC Group is seeking, for immediate hire, a Photo Archivist to work in our Pro-Tek Vaults facility, located in Burbank, CA.  The main responsibilities for this position will be to sort and identify photographic and negative images of people, places and objects pertaining to motion pictures and film. The archivist will be trained to sort images by selection criteria, separating “select” images from “non-select” images.  All images will be properly identified, placed in a proper archival sleeve, and put in an appropriate archival container.


  • Sort photos into numerous piles by element type, condition, title, subject, etc.
  • Correctly identify prints, negatives, duplicates, and retouched images.
  • Carefully handle and prepare images for archival re-housing and scanning procedures
  • Re-sleeve and re-house images in archival packaging according to established standards.
  • Recognize or assign an image identification number and accurately and legibly record metadata for each asset by hand for cataloging purposes.
  • Accurately validate and enter new metadata into inventory management system according to specified requirements.
  • Evaluate researched information, discern what is correct and applicable, and enter it into IMS.
  • Effectively collaborate with co-workers and team leader(s), using analytical methods in decision making concerning metadata and establishing studio rights (access).
  • Willingness to take on additional tasks assigned by Supervisor


  • Education – MLS is helpful or degree in Photography, Broadcasting, and/or Film.
  • Photo handling experience – knowledge of handling delicate photos, re-sleeving techniques and knowing negative, prints and duplicates.
  • Knowledge of Motion Picture history is helpful – having knowledge of motion picture history (titles, actors, studios, locations, etc.) beginning from the 1930’s forward
  • Computer literate, basic understanding of inventory management software, knowledge of IMS and MS Word and Excel.
  • Ability to multi-task, focus and accurately sort and keep track of physical items in a fast-paced environment.
  • Legible handwriting is a MUST and  is an essential part of the job.
  • Ability to lift 25 lbs, sit and stand for long periods of time, Ability to read small print and view details on photo negatives, Wear lab coat and cotton gloves.

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