VRA Foundation Internship Awards

The Visual Resources Association Foundation Internship Awards provide financial support for graduate students preparing for a career in visual resources and image management. The award grants $3,000 to support a period of internship in archives, libraries, museums, visual resources departments of academic institutions, or other appropriate locations.

The award recipient will be responsible for selecting the institution at which he or she will complete the internship. To help potential interns find opportunities in their geographic area, VREPS maintains a list of host institutions that offer internships in visual resources and image management. Please note that internship award recipients may also choose to do their internship someplace not on the list (so long as it is approved by the VRA Foundation). In other words, the host site for an internship is not limited to the institutions on the list.

Although designed with the VRA Foundation Internship Awards in mind, the list of host sites may be a resource to anyone seeking professional development opportunities. We hope it will help those new to the field of visual resources advance to the next step in their careers.

Stay tuned to the VRA Foundation website for updates about the 2014-2015 Internship Awards.

Internships in Visual Resources and Image Management – host sites list


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