A message from Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources (SEI)


After the VREPS meeting on Friday April 5 in Providence, don’t miss “Ten Years and Counting”, a special interest group discussion on the history and future directions of SEI, the Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources and Image Management jointly sponsored by VRA and ARLIS. SEI has provided over 400 graduates with foundations training, advanced techniques, and broadened perspectives on applying image management skills in a variety of settings. SEI graduates hold positions not only in traditional arts image collections, but also in a variety of areas including libraries, museums, archives, and marketing.

As SEI marks its tenth year, its goal remains constant: to provide information professionals with a substantive educational and professional development opportunity focused on digital imaging, the information and experience needed to stay current in a rapidly changing field, and the opportunity to create a network of supportive colleagues.

This intensive three and a half-day workshop held each summer features a curriculum that specifically addresses the requirements of today’s professional, and includes hands-on, lecture, and participant-generated modules. Expert instructors cover intellectual property rights, digital imaging, image management systems, metadata and cataloguing, and how to expand your professional role. Attendees also have an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm on a range of issues–from new media and marketing visual resources to the future of the profession.

Can’t make it to the discussion in Providence? Like us on Facebook to keep up with announcements of new curriculum offerings and the host institution for SEI 2014.


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