Publishing Research Demystified

6639aea80d779539915b811cdc171c00As a librarian or visual resources professional, there are many reasons to publish scholarly papers. At many universities, library positions are considered faculty posts and are subject to tenure requirements similar to professors.  Even if you are not under such constraints, publishing can be an important component of asking for a raise, a reclassification, or simply a means of reaching out to one’s peers. Whatever your motivations might be, the early stages of your career are a great time to pursue publication opportunities.

Are you in library school? Did you just graduate? Chances are you might have a research paper in your portfolio that would only need a few revisions to make it suitable for publication.

Are you facing a problem that has you perplexed in your new job? Perhaps others have the same questions. Documenting your solutions and exploring how other institutions solved their problems can easily turn into a paper.

To find out more about how you can go from a having a research paper to having a published paper, attend the Publications Special Interest Group Meeting at the VRA Conference in Providence. The session will be an open-format discussion about publishing in the visual resources field. The meeting is at 12:05 pm to 1:25 pm on Wednesday April 3 organized by Marlene Gordon, Senior Associate Curator of Visual Resources at Wayne State University, and moderated by John Trendler, Curator of Visual Resources at Scripps College and VRA Public Relations & Communications Officer.


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