VRA Travel Awards

The VRA will be sponsoring several travel awards for the “Captilizating on Creativity” conference in Providence ranging from $250-1000 with a special award designated for a student and an international attendee. The deadline for all of these awards is 10:00 am, Monday November 26, 2012.

Travel Awards available this year:

  • The Kathe Hicks Albrecht award of $850 for a first-time conference attendee
  • Two New Horizons awards of $850 each.  These awards are aimed at members in the following categories: solo VR professionals, part-time VR  professionals, geographically isolated VR professionals, VR professionals in smaller institutions, and/or first-time attendees
  • The Joseph C. Taormina Memorial award of $250 for an applicant with partial funding
  • A New Horizons student award of $300, for a full-time student enrolled in an accredited degree program and considering a career in visual resources
  • $4800 in Tansey fund awards ranging from $250 to $850 each

For more information go to the VRA Travel Award page, here.

Travel Award Types
Travel Award Rules and Guidelines
VRA tips for completing your application


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