Hiring Librarians: A New Blog for Job Hunters

While not all VREPS may be seeking employment right now, or looking for jobs within libraries in particular, many of you may be interested in a new blog: Hiring Librarians. The author, Emily Weak, is a job hunting librarian. The About page explains:

One of my favorite job-hunting resources is Alison Green’s Ask A Manager blog.  She gives great advice, not just because she’s a smart lady with a lot of common sense, but because she has worked as a hiring manager and is able to provide insight into the great mystery of how they think.

Inspired by her work, I wanted to create a venue which allowed people who make hiring decisions to explain their enigmatic thinking. I think we need more opportunities where people on both sides of the hiring process can communicate without fear or pressure.

To this end, I created a survey instrument which could be completed anonymously (or not), and solicited help from anyone who might hire a librarian, in all library types, as well as in non-library organizations that hire information professionals.

Among her respondents so far include hiring managers from academic, public, and special libraries; archives; a cataloging agency; and a library network. It would be great to see visual resources facilities or libraries represented here!


One thought on “Hiring Librarians: A New Blog for Job Hunters

  1. Emily@HiringLibrarians March 24, 2012 / 3:54 pm

    Thanks for linking! I would love to include responses from people who have hired for visual resources positions, please do pass on the survey!

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