Internship Opportunities at the Smithsonian Libraries

The Smithsonian Libraries is currently recruiting for seven different summer internship projects, ranging from instructional video production to archival arrangement. Although most of these opportunities are unpaid, many are part time and all offer practical hands-on experience in a major research library. While the Smithsonian itself cannot award academic credit, we are happy to work with students and any academic institutions that may.  Application deadline is April 30th, 2012.

For more information, please visit our website

The Smithsonian Libraries (  occupy a unique niche in the library landscape. Each of the twenty libraries resides in a museum or research environment, surrounded by Smithsonian experts who work closely with the librarians. Library personnel and collections together supply the curatorial and scientific staff with the resources in the sciences, arts, and humanities, on which to base new scientific discoveries, to provide authentic experiences in exhibitions, and to educate the populace.

Internships at the Smithsonian offer a one of a kind experience. For more information about the benefits of interning at the Smithsonian, visit the main internship website here:


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